- Excursion's first feature length movie -

Straight Edge vs. Punk

"The Edge of Quarrel" tells the story of Brian Johansen, a Straight Edge Punk who returns to his hometown after college to discover the local Punks and Straight Edge kids involved in a violent conflict with each other.  His two closest friends from childhood, Jason Talbott and Chance Linstrom, have grown apart in his absence and now are the leaders of the Punk and Straight Edge "gangs".  Jason believes that the sun has set on Punk and that Straight Edge is the next step.   Chance believes that it is his duty to preserve the tradition of the Punk Rock ethic.  Brian believes that they are two sides of the same coin and should be able to peacefully coexist. Upon returning home and discovering what has become of his town, Brian sets out to reunite the scene.


Rocky Votolato from Waxwing as Brian Johansen

John Pettibone from Undertow as Jason Talbott

Dann Gallucci from The Murder City Devils as Chance Linstrom

With other members of their bands and many more people from the Northwest Punk and Hardcore scene.

Trial, Botch, and The Murder City Devils also appear playing live.

$12.00 120 Minutes Stereo B&W Shot on Video

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